Archimedis understands the crucial role every parameter – size and shape, coating and thickness – plays in the stability and effectiveness of a tablet. Our R&D and manufacturing departments work diligently to achieve the accurate molecular formulation, preserving the complete potential of the medicine. Customisation is imbibed in our processes - factors like flavour and colour are guided completely by client requirements. The release pattern is decided as per nature of effect the medicine aims to achieve. The types of release patterns we offer are:


Specific Packaging Options


Capsules as a dosage form are sensitive to hardness, colouring, preservation, lubrication and surface treatment. Displaying proficiency in all these aspects, we continue to attain finesse and sophistication in this category. The AF90 machine enables us to offer a prolific range of fillings - granules, pellets, tablets and a combination of any of these. The optimisation of the product is further enhanced by the use of Hard Gelatine, which is neither very soft nor brittle.


Specific Packaging Options


Fill Weight Accuracy and Sealing Quality are the ultimate quantifiers of a dry powder sachet’s stability. Archimedis hosts a state-of-the-art Pakona Horizontal Filling machine that imparts important characteristics to the products, such as:

Accuracy of Fill Weight
Four- side Leak-proof Sealing
Wide Range of Fill Weight - 1 to 50 grams

The accuracy is further verified by Check Weighers that measure the weight of not just the sachet but also of the carton. The traceability is ensured through 2-D Bar Coding.


Specific Packaging Options



Packaging is elemental in maintaining the stability of the medicines. It prevents the molecules from disintegrating thus safeguarding their utility and the trust in the brand. It is important to choose the right material of the right thickness suitable to the specific molecular composition.

Packaging Systems