With dedicated departments, highly skilled personnel and sophisticated equipment, we offer standardised and optimised services for the complete product cycle – from formulation development to launch scale to commercial scale.

Formulation Development

Our Formulation Development department possesses extensive expertise and capability to formulate diverse compositions as per the client requirement. It conducts rigorous stability studies to arrive at the best dosage form and packaging. The ultimate objective is to optimise the product properties and achieve a high product quality.

The department has a dedicated lab with state-of-the-art equipment. The miniature machines are a complete replica of the commercial scale manufacturing. Actual market conditions are simulated in a Stability Chamber to test the product. Stability studies are carried out for a period of up to 6 months.

Launch Scale

Launch Scale service displays our ability to attain consistent quality in formulation. We help clients in testing the market with small batches that are as superlative in quality as the commercial batch. The composition, size, shape, colour and every other parameter of the medicine is of commercial quality, along with the packaging. As with the other services, this section includes dedicated personnel and machinery.

Commercial Scale

Archimedis has built extensive capacity to manufacture commercial scale batches of any volume. We are backed by a robust mechanism that maintains the accuracy of formulation, while ensuring a swift pace of manufacturing. Devoid of human intervention, the system also blocks any impurity from entering into the medicines. The service is rounded-off with commercial packaging on both primary (strips, alu alu or blister) along with secondary (cartons) levels.